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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Elecraft XV144 and Yaesu FT-1000MP MARK-V

Whilst waiting for Elecraft to come up with a solution to the "offset fault", I decided to hook up the XV144 to the MK-V. My set-up is as follows:

Mk-V Menu settings:
3-3 (tr-disp) = 144
4-0 (rf out) = 10
8-4 (FrontEnd) = flat

Mk-V switch settings:
IPO (on)
rx ant (on)

Mk-V <-> XV144
ant B -> tx in (via 16dB attenuator)
rx ant in <- rx out tx gnd -> key in

I bought a microwave modules 16dB attenuator from Ebay which reduces the menu restricted 10W drive from the Mk-V down to the 250mW required by the XV144 (also capable of 1mW and 5W drive levels by link selection). The result is perfect, with the XV144 responding similarly to the K3/K2 1mW drive.

What is straight away apparent is that the Mk-V drive is 100% stable from first key of the mike (unlike the K3/K2 which ramp up slowly over a 10 second period on first key of the mike, thereafter stable until pwr/band/switch-on event). The Yaesu PA behaviour is so much better than Elecraft have been able to achieve to date. I didn't know if the ramp up in power was the K3/K2 or the XV144 but I now know it's the K3/K2 PA.

On first switch on the signal strength meter went to about S7 due to the MkV rf amplifier "tuned" profile. I toyed with ATT values, but felt the "FLAT" rx profile best, as this combo gave me S0 on the meter with an accassional flicker up to S1....perfect! The rx gain loss caused by engaging the cascaded 500 or 250Hz (2nd and 3rd IF) filters on the MkV can be leveled out by using the MkV "tuned" rf amplifier profile.

There is no mention of transverter operation in the Mk-V manual and very little extra in the FTV-1000 manual, but the methodology of use is that you dial in 28.000 on VFO A then change menu 3-3 to 144. This then calibrates the frequency display to 144.000. To account for the Elecraft "offset fault" I must set VFO A to 27.978 and then set menu 3-3 to 144. This brings up 144.000 on the frequency display and compensates for the Elecraft "offset fault" ...thank you thank you Yaesu! Maybe Elecraft could learn something here.

There seems very little info on the web about this subject so hopefully someone out there finds this useful.

Monday, 10 January 2011



Who could believe that the UK could produce such poor signals in this day and age? I'm tempted to name and shame on this blog (as the clickers had much higher scores than me), but that may be construed as hard cheese. In some cases I had to hunt more than 1KHz to find the clicker. Hopefully someone will have recorded the whole contest and has measured the clickers bandwidths. Feel free to reply with the results :-).

Is it lack of knowledge?
Is it lack of money?
Is it that no-one can get close enough to you to cause rx problems?
Is it deliberate.....?