Should contest rules allow and act upon 599K QRM reports?

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Contest haters

Three words to describe contest haters: selfish, intolerant and ignorant. Some answers to those people: 1) There are no contests on the WARC bands. Go there and chat about your tomatoes....anytime! 2) There are 'no contest' portions on every non-WARC band. Just read the contest rules and then go there and chat about your tomatoes! i.e. 3.65 -> 3.7MHz 3) Contesters put up with all other users, why not the other way round? 4) The proper signal report lot, you know who you are, just get a life! Contesters spend weeks before a contest thinking about strategy, propagation, antennas etc. The actual 'on air' part of the contest is only 10% of the whole contest effort. Do you think that in formula one that cars just turn up and go round? It might be the only part you witness, but I can assure you it's not just 59! In short grow up, do some research and get on with your own thing whilst contests continue around you. If you've done your homework, you can be sitting in a completely unused section of any band at any time. However, good luck finding a QSO, as most contest haters are only too happy in their ignorance to just switch off.