Should contest rules allow and act upon 599K QRM reports?

Sunday, 5 June 2011

National Field Day (NFD) Region 1

Active as GM4AGG/P this weekend for NFD with Terry GM3WUX. Using N1MM, Elecraft k3 and top band doublet.
Used dual receive capability of the K3 all contest. N1MM really helps allowing easy tx switch between main and sub rx frequencies:
ctrl-right arrow : tx to sub freq
ctrl-left arrow :tx back to main freq
In this way you can run on the main whilst s&p on the sub. This is easy to say but not easy to do efficiently.

Notes to self :
1) Always use full break-in whilst doing the above, it allows tuning the sub whilst txing on the main. You can tell when you've got a hot one in the sub even before you finsh a CQ.
2) Main and Sub CW speeds in N1MM are separate (cool).
3) RIT is up and down arrow
4) Speed is page up and page down
5) The volume control on the K3 may be better with it configured as a balance control

Terry can do this himself, but it's easier with a buddy who understands whats happening and who is also listening to both rxs. The buddy can help by constantly tuning the sub finding running stations in the contest. He also controls the volume by following the operators tx indication on the K3 LCD. When a weak one calls the volume of the sub/main can be reduced to help the operator 'tune-in'. In this way the operators hands never leave the keyboard.

With just 2 operators for 24hrs we managed to beat last years score despite worse conditions. The only difference was using the dual rxs in the K3. We also had 1 hr down-time this year due to a faulty PSU.

last year 940Qs, this year 1070Qs