Should contest rules allow and act upon 599K QRM reports?

Thursday, 10 September 2015

K3S against K3 reviews?

OK so the K3S has been out now for several months but only 5 reviews on eham. This is worrying as I am beginning to suspect that a 4 layer rf board which sandwiches noisy data links to lower the noise floor only shows a noise improvement in lab conditions. Attach on a big antenna and the atmospheric noise just swamps any gain made by trick board layout. I wonder if the designers have over engineered an already great product based on theory and lab based results. I respect the effort from a technical standpoint but wonder how much this will gain the user in the practical world. This may explain the lack of comparitive reviews between the K3 and the K3S. I will admit that if I parted with £2000+ on an unnecessary replacement to my K3, I may choose not to advertise it.