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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

K2, Z10000-K2 buffer amp and SoftRock V6.2Lite

With the K3 panadapter being so successful, I decided to go back to Clifton Labs to see if they had a solution for my K2. The K2 doesn't have an IF out socket on the rear panel like the the K3, but luckily Clifton Labs sell a complete kit allowing the Z10000-K2 buffer amp to be installed inside the K2 with provision for a rear panel socket.

The above picture shows the Z10000-K2 daughter board mounted inside the K2 with output IF coaxial connected to the rear panel (top of picture). The input IF is taken from a convienient point on the noise blanker board connection posts.
I then contacted Tony Park for a K2 Softrock (4.898MHz IF). When finished, this was connected to the new IF output from the K2. The AF output from the softrock was then connected to my Delta 44 sound card. Rocky software then uses the sound card inputs to provide the panadapter.

I'm really pleased with the result and it makes a huge difference seeing signals round about you.

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Steve Bunting said...


I have been doing some searces for k2 IF softrock and came across your blog.

I bought one of the special K2 IF panadapter softrock kits off Tony Parks, but it came without any construction info. I have built a "normal" ham band soft rock, but without specific details don't how to build the K2 IF one. I wonder if you still have the construction info for your K2 softorck and could email it me please? If not, that is fine, but if you don't ask you dont find out! Thanks