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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

K3 mods completed

K3 Ser: 1293
Arrived: 20/7/2008

Mods carried out:

1) 10/01/09

K3 AF Mod kit, Rev B

2) 30/08/09

K3 Synthesizer ALC Modification

K3 AF Output Mod Kit, Rev C

Improving the Immunity of the Rear-Panel RS232 and Audio Connectors to RF

KPA3 12V Sense Mod, Rev B

K3 Extreme Signal RX Protection Mod

3) 02/10/09

KRX3 Installed

KRX3 Subout connector keyed

Front panel microphone circuit modification

K3 Negative ALC and Ext Band Data Pull-up Mods, Rev B: REMIOUPGD

4) 31/10/09

K3 VFO Noise Mod, Rev C

IF Output Buffer Gain Modification

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