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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Parcel Force and rip-off Britain

My parcel was intercepted by the Glasgow depot of Parcel Force (11 miles from my home).

So in summary:

1) You pay US Postal Services for international delivery to your door.
2) When the parcel arrives in the UK, Parcel Force intercept it and won't deliver to your door.
3) Parcel Force charge £9 "handling charge" for you to come to their depot and collect the intercepted parcel. Parcel Force then collect UK tax (20%) on the item and the original postage charge.


Parcel Force - Charge US Postal Services for delivery within the UK, then don't bother?

US Postal Service - Charge you for delivery to the door, knowing full well they can't or don't have to?

UK government - Charge you VAT on a US postal service that they have a hand in making sure can never be complete.


You - US Postal charge + UK Handling charge + UK VAT on US Postal charge + Petrol + inconvienience + anger at being charged for services you never get.

Welcome to Rip-off Britain!

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