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Friday, 21 May 2010

Hams4hams call

Rolland (PA3FRO) called today after spotting my blog on the internet. He is most concerned about the quality issues I have with my mast and suggested sending me a better fitting end cap. I agreed of course as without a proper fitting end cap damage to the mast is bound to occur (during transportation etc).

I suppose the rest of my observations are fairly superficial, so hopefully now I can just get on with using it. I haven't errected the mast yet due to space restrictions, but I will report back with my experiences (and pictures).

Rolland mentioned that he has already had repeat orders from satisfied customers and with the low price point I'm not surprised. It always pays to do business with real radio amateurs and Rolland's customer service is second to none.


G4VVP said...

You were very lucky , I have Emailed them 4 times and not even a reply ,Very bad after sales , Did anyone get their pole delivered with their call sign on as ordered ,

g4vvp said...

After my last commment i had a phone call promising that my problem would be sorted ,now 6 weeks later NOTHING ,perhaps some one can tell me do hams4hams treat all their customers the same ,take your money and give no after sales backup , email just get no replies the only way iis to slag them off on this forum , i give up put it down to another ham scam

F1EMX said...

I ordered 2 poles early August. Nothing since. I has a mail answered early September saying they were to come a week later. Nothing et no answer to 2 mails. I post here and I send a mail to VERON as these very bad commercial practices of PA3FRO are a shame to every NL hams. The times they are a'changing…

Veiko/ DO9TT said...

I ordered 1 pole on 9th of january 2012 and payed it on the same day.2 weeks later i get a e-mail from hams4hams, the order is stoped because the money is not on their account .......This is wrong, I also asked on my bank, and they said that the transaktion is O.K.
Now my question: where is my money....? 8 e-mails to hams4hams and no answer! What should I do???
Please tell me your opinion.

Thank you. vy 73 de Veiko / DO9TT

GM0ELP said...

Wow, looks like I've been really lucky with this purchase. Hope you all manage to get some sort of resolution. I think I got in quite early and may explain why I got it without hastle.