Should contest rules allow and act upon 599K QRM reports?

Sunday, 28 November 2010


Only a few more hours to go till the end of the contest. I'm sleep deprived and irksome ;-). Over the contest I've come to hate some exchange behaviour:

1) Why does the station I've just worked insist on a final "tu" after my "tu"? This obiliterates any chance of me quickly working the next station in the pile-up...grrrr!

2) cfm, qsl, ok, etc etc etc why why why? This only serves to confuse an otherwise simple exchange. The stations that do this sometimes give my call and/or their own call twice for no reason. I suspect these people are used to data modes.

3) Straight after my CQ someone sends "?", you just know he's just tuned on to you. Can't he just wait for the next call? I suppose this spoils any chance of me making a QSO and him having to wait?

Rant over, I feel much better now :-). Back to 40m now :-(

Elecraft K3 performed brilliantly, no problems! I guess all the updates have made it pretty stable now. The ACOM just sat there and took the punishment without a hiccup (as usual). The Hams4Hams pole held up my 40/80m verticals without drama.

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