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Monday, 2 May 2011

Hams4hams 18m pole on Lunga EU108

I've previously posted details about the Hams4hams 18m pole, but haven't tested it out in anger. I can now rectify the situation as it was used by GB5TI to support an 80m 1/4 wave vertical antenna over a 4 day period on the island of Lunga EU108. The clamps were all made up as suggested in the instructions and they worked perfectly to stop the pole collapsing down. The provided lower material guying collar was used as it seemed to slide down to the correct height for the first guying point. The second (smaller) material guying collar wasn't used as when pushed down the pole it seemed to stop at a point too high up the pole after the first guying point for our installation. We settled for a second guying point 1 section lower than the smaller guying collar allowed. The pole remained perfectly errect through long periods of gusting winds up to about 30 mph. The team were all impressed with the pole and all members had experience with the other pole manufacturer and agreed the hams4hams pole was great value for money.

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