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Friday, 6 June 2014

President Lincoln II V-3 10m (28MHz) all mode transceiver

Just received the new President Lincoln II V-3 mobile 10m transceiver from Nevada Communications. They delivered promptly (within 36 hrs) and seem to be the only company selling the latest version. All the others are relying on customer ignorance to get rid of all their old versions. Nevada have a great service department in case of problems which lead me to make my purchase from them alone. There really is no competition out there, go Nevada! Straight away I noticed that the clarifier had to be moved to 2 o'clock in cw mode to hear stations coming back to my transmission. I hooked up an automatic keyer and paddle to the cw jack and set it to around 24WPM. I noticed that on every commencement of transmission (i.e key closure) the set transmitted an initial long "dah" tone independent of how long the key was closed. This is very annoying when you want to begin a transmission with a "di" or if you hesitate too long between words and the rig unkeys then keys again with an unwanted long "dah". It was possible to work round these flaws in the transceiver firmware, but I wish the reviews of these types of radio would test cw as part of their testing. The initial transmit error is by far the more serious problem for a cw operator, hopefully president will correct this glitch in future firmware revisions. CW rx bandwidth seems to be asymetric around the centre frequency -3KHz -> 0 -> +1KHz (centre being around 600Hz audible tone) allowing anyone in that 4KHz range to be clearly audible. The clarifier is rx only and has +/- 1.5Khz travel which is sensible, but with +/- 150 degree for +/- 1.5KHz means roughly 10Hz per degree of you can imagine this is rather too lively to be comfortable. The clarifier knob is mounted on it's own with no concentic control rings to get in the way (sensible), but it's diameter is only 9mm so it's hard to control. The push buttons on the front panel seem very stiff, you have to hold the set whilst pushing till you hear a click. I can't imagine this being acceptible for any type of operation except when the radio is secured to a surface. Maybe these will ease off as the set ages, time will tell. Audio sounds poor compared to any Ham radio, with a high hiss which has nothing to do with background noise. This can be dulled by a "hi-cut" feature, but unfortunately it affects the intelligebility of rx'd stns also. In SSB rx, there seems to be an oddity in the audio that sounds distorted if not absolutely tuned in perfectly. This leads to constantly titivating the clarifier which gets tiring. Hey ho mustn't get too does do what it says on the tin...just! Otherwise I worked a few stations without a hitch with tx good audio reports. All in all I have a 10m all mode that is really a CB with ideas above it's station. I do believe that there is currently no other CB competition to it out there (if you wish CW mode), so if you have money to burn and simply must have a 10m only cw capable rig for the car then this is the only choice.

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