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Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ten Tec Eagle 599

It really is rip off Britain isn't it? I'd like to buy a Ten Tec Eagle 599 transceiver but I can't find a new one in the UK that isn't greater than double the original factory price: Ten Tec Eagle 599AT $1499 (£930) direct from TenTec Same spec radio from Waters and Stanton in the UK £2000 Ten Tec refuse to sell outside the USA and just refer UK customers to their local distributers. I think our local distributers must have bought them before the TenTec summer sale and are doing their usual pounds to dollars (1:1) price translation and then adding a couple of hundred pounds for their service. I would imagine that any stock the UK distributers did buy will now be a couple of years old and they will be beginning to realise that the customers (us) aren't going to pay for their greed/stupidity. How long they can hold out for their £2000 asking price I don't know, but I for one refuse to be taken for a chump.

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Bob Cock said...

I have three Ten-Tecs - a Corsair, a Century 22 and a Delta - which I enjoy for their CW capabilities. I'd had my eyes on an Eagle for some time and, hearing of the summer sale in the US, I wrote to the company to see if I could buy one direct. Ten-Tec refused, saying it was hard to provide warranty repairs on direct sales to the UK and referred me to the UK distributor. In reality, Ten-Tec has set a new base price for the rig, which is below that of the TS-590. I will not be buying from a UK supplier or, indeed, at all.