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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Flexradio 6000 series, 6300 firmware fault

Still waiting for a firmware fix for the 6300, still having to do soft resets before operating every time I switch the radio on. Tried the radio out for contest and after 25mins running into a linear amp at 25watts received an on screen alarm about high temperature and it shut itself down. I contacted flexradio and they immediately recognised the fault as one on the fans for either the CPU or the FPGA becoming UNSTUCK! Turns out they just use a sticky pad to do this and they are having problems with them becoming UNSTUCK during transit. Mine was sent to Germany for service at their expense to a residential address of a German radio ham. He replaced the cpu fan and restuck it down. My questions about the quality/fragility of this hardware arrangement were ignored. This is the annoying thing about Flex they ignore questions that they don't want to answer. Anyway, the fix seems to have done the trick as not had an repeat of the shut down since. The German ham seems to have been in a rush and didn't have the correct tools as I could tell by the screw heads that he had been in the Flex.....not bad but noticeable. At this point I am so disappointed with flexradio as a company I didn't even bother to complain.

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