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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Elecraft K3 Macros

The K3 now has the facility to use macros (previously downloaded to the K3 using the K3 Utility program). You can assign these macros to the K3's M1-4 keys. Both tap and hold functions of these keys can hold a macro, thus giving 8 posibilities. You can also use the the PF keys, but I use these for quick menu access. The macros can be cancelled/assigned very quickly to allow use of the DVR or CW memories.

Key: M1T
Name: RXEQCLR (RX EQaliser CLeaR)
Macro: AI0;K31;MN008;SWT53;MN255;K30;

Key: M2T
Name: RXEQCWF (RX EQaliser CW Flat)

Key: M3T
Name: TXEQCLR (TX EQaliser CLeaR)
Macro: AI0;K31;MN009;SWT53;MN255;K30;

Key: M4T
Name: TXEQMID (TX EQaliser MID & top range gain)

Key: M1H
Name: SPLIT+2
Macro: SWT13;SWT13;FT1;UPB5;RT0;XT0;

Key: M2H
Name: RXEQCWS (RX EQaliser CW Sharp)

Key: M3H (QSY to RWM 14.999MHz CW)
Name: RWM1499
Macro: FA00014996000;MD3;FA00014996000;BW0040;

Key: M4H
Name: TXEQTOP (TX EQaliser TOP range gain)

Now I can get some use from the TX and RX Equalisers without having to have a PC permanently hooked up to the K3. Let me know any good macros you have developed.

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